Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe to Use

There has been a lot of speculation about the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes and how safe they are for human use. Discussed below are a few points picked from different reviewers who have taken the pain to test electronic cigarettes.

1. Safer to use than traditional tobacco rolled cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes work by vaporizing nicotine contained in a cartridge which is then delivered to the lungs giving overall smoking satisfaction. The by product from vaping is water vapor alone. This cannot however be said for traditional cigarettes. The cigarette smoke alone contains more than 29 toxic gases and tar. This possesses a much bigger health risk than using e-cigs.

2. Pocket friendly: A single electronic cigarette lasts between 1-3 months. The cost of buying the electronic cigarette pack is pocket friendly and equivalent to the cost of one packet of traditional cigarettes. Most people smoke out a cigarette packet within 3 days, meaning they can smoke 10 packets in a month. It is for this reason why smokers who have realized the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes cannot be convinced to go back into using traditional tobacco rolled cigarettes.

3. Eco-friendly: As stated above, the only by product produced from vaping is water vapor, a neutral substance to the environment. These cigarettes do not support secondary smoking at all as no smoke is emitted from using the same. You don’t have to look for a smoking zone when using an electronic cigarette. Most states have allowed people to use e-cigs freely as they don’t pose any harm to the general public.

4. Come in different flavors: There are more than 30 flavors you can choose from when using electronic cigarettes. The most common flavors include vanilla, strawberry, cinnamon, menthol and scorch.

5. Helps people quit smoking: Electronic cigarettes are the only known remedy that helps smokers quit smoking. Anyone who would like to quit smoking can use medicated e-cigs meant for that course.

Most states have approved the use of electronic cigarettes as they have long been approved by the FDA.